Top 9 Health Degrees of 2021 in the United States USA

Today we are going to be going over the Top 9 Health Degrees of 2021 in the United States USA as they have more demand than any other type of degree out there. So going into health is likely going to lead to a very stable career. They’re also great for people who aren’t very good at math.

That’s one question I get all the time on this channel. And there’s just a lot of other positives here. So for instance, with health degrees, you’ve got great options at pretty much every level.

Whether you want to do school for like, you know, a few years, four years, like a bachelor’s degree, six years like a master’s degree, or eight-plus years like a doctoral degree, there are great options for you at pretty much every other level.

That’s not necessarily the case with other types of degrees. With that being said, it also makes it very difficult to compare health degrees to themselves for one and also do other types of degrees. Comparing a master’s degree to an associate degree is almost like comparing apples to oranges.

So really, it kind of just comes down to your own personal preference. For me my own personal preference, I would rather not go into a degree like a medical doctor, for instance, where you know, you’re gonna have to go to school for eight years, and you’re going to do a residency, that’s three to seven years.

Top 9 Health Degrees of 2021

So chances are, by the time you get to a net worth of zero, you’ve paid off of all of your student loans, you’re probably going to be in your late 30s. After that, you’re going to be absolutely making a bank and killing it.

I personally, that’s not the type of lifestyle I want to live, I’d rather be able to get a job, you know, right off the bat in my early 20s, and then be able to enjoy my youth. But again, that’s just personal preference, it’s going to be different for everyone.

9. Dentist

Number nine on the list, which is going to be Dentist. Alright, so dentists obviously make fantastic money, this is a doctoral-level degree, it’s going to take about eight years of schooling.

Then a lot of the time you will start off working for someone else as a dentist, and then eventually, the go-to move here is probably to open your own practice, unfortunately, it is going to cost a lot of money for you to open your own practice, you’re going to have to go even deeper into debt.

That’s why along with a student loan debt, of course, dentists don’t even hit a net worth of zero a lot of the time until they’re in their late 30s. But once you get past that point, you are going to be absolutely raking it in so this one is very viable, especially if you’re someone who is very, you know, long term thinking, and you’re willing to you know, put in all of those years of being in a negative net worth to finally be able to pay all of it off.

8. Medical Doctor

Next on the list. Number eight is going to be a Medical Doctor. And this is either MD or D O. And the great thing about health careers and health degrees is, you know, if you get a degree in nursing, for instance, you’re going to become a nurse, it’s very cut and dry, straightforward.

Whereas there’s a lot of degrees out there where you get a degree in this and then you end up doing something completely different. So it’s definitely not as cut and dry.

You really have to plan ahead. Now with medical doctors, everybody knows that they make fantastic money. However, there is a huge upfront cost.

First of all, it’s very difficult to get into medical school, you have to be an absolute killer and undergrad, the pre-med track is extremely competitive, you’re going to have to do lots of extra-curricular get really good grades, you have to basically just be a fantastic student in order to even get into medical school.

I have personally seen very smart people fail to get into medical school four years in a row. Yes, that means they graduated with their bachelor’s degree. They failed that year, the next year, the next year after that, and then another time, and these were very smart, very capable people.

So do not underestimate how difficult it is to get into medical school. It’s hard then when you finally get in the medical school itself is incredibly difficult, you’re probably going to be studying like 60 hours a week at least. And then on top of that, you’re likely going to be getting work experience as well.

Then when you get out of medical school, which is going to be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. You go into residency where they routinely work 80 hour weeks now residency is going to last somewhere between three to seven years. Usually, after you’re done with residency a lot of the time you’re going to have an option to do a fellowship.

The fellowships are also very difficult. You’re going to be working long hours. When you finally graduate and become a doctor you’re probably going to be working around 60 hour weeks now, of course, is going to be different depending on the specialty you go in and your own personal choices, but it’s not going to be easy either way.

This is why I always say that there is a certain type of person that is a good fit to become a medical doctor. This is a type of person who has you know type A personality, and you are just a go-getter because even when you do become a medical doctor, you’re working like 60 hours a week.

It’s pretty much an obligation for you to stay up to date on the newest medical update. and that way you can give your patients the best possible care. So you are going to be a lifelong learner studying outside of medical school and residency.

If you are the type of person who fits this mold, if you are a type-A personality, you don’t mind working at least 60 hours a week all the time, basically, for the rest of your career, then the medical doctor can be a fantastic career for you.

If you’re more like me, and you want to have a good work-life balance, maybe you should consider some of the other ones on this list.

7. Physical Therapy

Next on the list is going to be Physical Therapy. And this is where you’re basically going to help people recover from injuries so that they can live a more normal life. One thing that really stands out about physical therapy is how high job satisfaction is. So this has one of the highest job satisfaction scores out of any career in the entire world.

I think one of the main reasons for that is because you know, in a lot of different types of medical careers, you do help people, it’s just you don’t get to see the fruits of your labors, right. So you might give someone a recommendation, but you don’t get to see the outcome of that recommendation.

Your kind of just have to speculate on what ended up happening with physical therapy, you see the person right after they got injured, and you work with them all the way through to the point where they pretty much can live a normal life. So it’s extremely rewarding.

That’s my theory for why Physical Therapy has such high job satisfaction in terms of pay, it’s pretty good as well. A lot of the time, you’re going to be getting a master’s level degree, some people say it’s moving more towards being a doctoral-level degree.

But the pace is pretty good here, not amazing. But there’s a ridiculous amount of demand. Of course, physical therapy is not going away, it’s probably going to get even bigger in the future. So this is a fantastic one for you to consider.

6. Diagnostic Medical Scenographer

Next on the list is going to be the Diagnostic Medical Scenographer. Now so nog Rafi is an amazing technology, it basically uses sound to produce a 2d or a 3d image so that you can basically see through things using sound.

Now there are tons of different uses for this one of the most common ones, of course, is to be able to see babies while they’re still inside of the womb. Now, one thing that’s amazing about getting into Scenographyis you can actually just get into it with a few years of study.

This changes from state to state, different states are going to have different requirements. But usually, it’s just a few years. So it’s less than a bachelor’s degree. You can get into a career where you’re making pretty good money, it’s also very rewarding to have pretty high job satisfaction.

On top of that, there is a ton of demand. One downside to this one is it is going to kind of pigeonhole you into that career a little bit. There’s not too much room for the kind of moving up or even laterally to different types of careers. It’s not like a nurse for instance, where there are just so many different options out there.

If you don’t happen to like the current job that you are in.

5. Dental Hygienist

Now the next one on the list is actually very similar, it only takes a few years to get into. And that is number five Dental Hygienist you can make really good money as a dental hygienist and it only takes a few years to get into. We’re talking six figures.

Now I will say kind of as an asterisk here as a dental hygienist, you really need to be kind of like an extroverted outgoing type of person. Many people hate going to the dentist and they hate even more having other people you know, put their hands in your mouth and stuff. And so you really need to be talented and make people feel comfortable.

That’s just my opinion on this one, though.

4. Radiation Therapist

The next one on the list is also very similar only takes a few years for you to get into it. And that is Radiation Therapists out of all the ones that only take a few years to get into radiation therapists actually pay the most this is where you’re going to be helping administer radiation therapy to patients who have cancer.

For instance, it can be used for other things as well. So yeah, a pretty tough one to get into, you have to have thick skin, but it’s extremely rewarding, being able to help people out that are in kind of a bad situation, tons of demand. For this one,

I think it has kind of the same weakness as the other two, which is there’s not much room for flexibility. So for whatever reason, you don’t like the career, it’s going to be tough for you to transition. But the next on the list is fantastic when it comes to flexibility just because of the fact that there are literally millions of nurses in the United States.

So for that reason, there are pretty much unlimited different types of jobs and careers that you can go into literally hundreds of different types of nurses out there, right. And that’s what it is.

3. Nursing

It is Nursing at number three. Now, not only is there a bunch of different types of nurses but there are nursing degrees at just about every level. So you’ve got basically like a two-year nursing degree and again, there are some programs out there where you can get it done in like one year or less.

Then you’ve got kind of the four-year nursing degree, like a six years’ master level nursing degree, and then an eight-year DNP doctoral level nursing degree as well. So yeah, Nursing is fantastic. You can move horizontally; you can move vertically.

In the time that I’ve spent in healthcare, I have seen nurses that are like directors of hospitals and up, you know, on high levels up in hospitals. So, you know, I mean, nobody knows hospitals better than nurses except maybe doctors, but that’s arguable.

So it makes total sense that nurses a lot of the time end up in these director roles. So yeah, nursing is fantastic, super flexible. You can get like the two-year degree work for a few years, and then decide, hey, I think I’m ready to go back to school, get the four-year degree worked for a few more years.

I’m ready to go back to school, get your master’s work for a few more years, I’m ready to go back to school, get that DNP and then just go on from there really, a really great option pretty much score as well in every single category.

2. Physician Assistant

The next one on the list is going to be what was formerly known as Physician Assistant, now known as Physician Associate. And this is basically a master’s level degree where you are able to prescribe and diagnose under the supervision of a doctor.

Now the term supervision is kind of used lightly here because a lot of the time the doctor is not actually going to be watching you.

They just allow you to diagnose in certain cases, they might take on some of the more complicated cases, but depending on how much they trust you, they’re gonna let you subscribe and diagnose and a lot of other situations, but with that being said, this one is just fantastic, in my opinion, really high paid tons of opportunity.

It’s one of the fastest-growing Careers Out There also very easy for you to switch specialties. So for instance, maybe you wanted to be a physician associate that works in surgery, you get tired of that and you decide you know what, I really like dermatology.

So you switch over to dermatology very easily to do that, that’s something that would not be an option for you if you were a medical doctor, or at least it would be pretty much impossible for you to do very difficult but quite easy to do.

If you are a Physician Associate really good one here guys, I do hear a lot of people talking about how they think it’s going to become saturated because so many people are opening schools.

That is a possibility that kind of depends on how smart they are about it, if they just let people open schools, and not realize that obviously school is a business.

These universities are businesses and if you just let them open schools left and right, they are going to do that, and then it’s going to come saturated so as long as they’re smart about how they do it and they keep standards up at a really high level. This is going to be a fantastic career for a very long time.

1. Nurse Practitioner

Next on the list is going to be Nurse Practitioner and these two are pretty much tied. I give a slight edge to nurse practitioners but honestly next week I could change my mind nurse practitioner is basically a master’s level nursing degree like I talked about before just like Physician Associate or Physician Assistant.

You can prescribe and diagnose but you don’t have to be under the supervision of a doctor you make fantastic money with this one the job growth is absolutely ridiculous job satisfaction tends to be really good as well like many of the careers on this list.

It’s extremely meaningful you’re really going to be helping people out on a day to day basis really good one guys hard to go wrong with this one so much flexibility relatively easy for you to switch specialties if you compare it to a medical doctor for instance just a really solid option all around all the statistics are great.

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