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The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits. What do they all have in common? Aside from making millions in the music industry, they all have songs about the Big Apple, the Empire city, the city that never sleeps. The city is so nice. They named it twice New York.

There’s a reason there are so many songs about New York is one of the most incredible cities on earth and one of the most frequently visited in 2018, it was reported that there were 65 point 2 million tourists that visited NYC.

Which is more than seven times the population of the city and where there are tourists, there are fancy luxurious hotels to stay in.

Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC 01
The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

After all, when you’re visiting the Big Apple surrounded by sparkling city lights and people dressed in fine clothes, don’t you want to retire to someplace that will make you feel on top of the world? Well, that’s why today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive hotel room in New York City.

A hotel room that will cost more than most people make in a year. If you’re familiar with the world of hotels, it should come as no surprise to you that the most expensive hotel room belongs to the four seasons.

TY Warner Penthouse Suite

It will cost you a staggering $50,000 A night and that price isn’t like Mini Penthouses where you can split it between five or six people because this penthouse only accommodates three people total. Even though the penthouse spans an incredible 4300 square feet almost double the size of the average home in the United States.

Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC
The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

It only has a single bedroom so what else does it have to fill up all those square footage? Well, frankly, a whole lot of luxury. The penthouse is 52 stories in the air making it the tallest hotel penthouse in the city and the views of thank distinction offer a home no joke.

Staying here offers you a 360-degree view of the city including downtown uptown and midtown, basically every part of town every room have his floor to ceiling windows with some of the ceilings rising to 25 feet tall.

If you want to get a more personal view of the city, you can step out onto one of the four glass balconies and look, I’m not afraid to admit it though. I love all things luxury and I’m a fan of living life on the edge. I’m not too keen about standing on glass 700 feet above sea level.

Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC
The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

If that’s your style, you can settle down on one of the balconies and sip your morning coffee and watch as the city comes alive that Just do yourself a favor and try not to look directly down where there aren’t windows and balconies.

There are white hand-lacquered walls that feature a breathtaking mother of pearl inlay designed by Nancy Lorenz the walls provide a kind of vintage flair that reminds me of what New York was when I was a child. With the addition of both modern and evergreen furniture.

The Penthouse feels like a culmination of the city itself and its evolution over time. There is of course a 700 square foot private library. The library features 26-foot-tall ceilings and windows that look out over the city set in a cozy alcove there is a Bosendorfer Baby Grand Piano, a piano that often sells for well above $100,000.

It’s not the piano alone that makes this alcove expensive. Its views flanked on either side by the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building around the four bookcases. There was a bronze leaf and Vine motif, which was crafted by French sculptor Claude Lalanne agreed to venue Chile aesthetic.

Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC
The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

Which makes the library feel even more luxurious than it already is, as it should because the bronze sculpture alone is valued at half a million dollars. But if a library isn’t your chosen place to relax after coughing up 50,000 A night looks no further than the Zen roadmap, just one put in a Zen room.

Exactly. If you’re the designers of the Tai Warner penthouse suite, you put a floor-to-ceiling wall made out of the green bow and I’ve seen precious granite there was sourced from South Africa. And on top of that grant, you put a waterfall the waterfall feature endlessly runs providing you with the soothing sounds of nature as you look over one of the largest cities on earth.

If you’re still feeling stressed after the Zen room and you can mosey on over to the gym and spa the gym provides you with state of the art equipment including a peloton bike and a treadmill that faces the floor to ceiling windows are a little bit better than your local 24 Hour Fitness.

Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC
The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

When you say on the other side of the gym, you’ll find an immaculate spa that overlooks the east with a bamboo tree set in Bronco planters create a botanical spring that offers you both privacy and the soothing aesthetic that nature always provides.

In the SPA, you’ll find a massage table where you can get massages from El Rafael spa upon request. There you’ll also find a lush sitting area that looks out the windows where you can recline in an Alto Chairs that have been fitted with gold handwoven fabric.

When I say gold I’m not talking about the color additional rooms include a powder room that features Tiger’s eye stone which spans from the floor to the ceiling and even covers the entire countertop and this powder room is where You’ll find one of the four balconies. You know, if you need a little escape in the middle of getting ready for the day, the dressing room also provides a place to decompress.

Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC
The Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York NYC in 2022

There are two large wardrobes set in a room surrounded by beige leather panels and cover every inch of the wall and ceiling and a lovely cowhide area rug it warms up the walnut floors below and then here is the master suite in my mind is a master for the bedroom spends 600 square feet.

Is wrapped in a material unlike any other the honey-colored artistic walls are composed of handcrafted straw marquetry and were hand placed to create the opulent design in the room boasts the straw marquetry alone costs approximately a million dollars.

How can a single design cost so much because straw marquetry includes cutting, soaking splitting, and ironing hundreds of 1000s of pieces of straw and then hand applying them into the design pattern. There are very few specialists of the rare art form so surely, they’re able to charge a pretty high price for their services.

I suppose Hey isn’t for horses after all, but that’s not the only choice the design is made in this room with a custom-designed bed that features a wraparound canopy that is woven from 22 Karat Gold threads. Thai Silk and Burma is the king-sized bed itself which is a Hastings mattress the most expensive mattress for sale in the world.

A mattress was entirely made by hand and takes at least 160 hours to make overhead a diamond-shaped skylight provides you views if you’re not quite high enough for your taste at the foot of the bed, Windows gives you views of the gem of New York City Central Park.

Now just imagine waking up to that view in the morning with a cup of coffee in your hand. In the master bathroom, you’ll find a stunning display of Chinese Onyx which role hand-selected in France is a chromotherapy infinity soak tub which features body jets and fiber optic lighting is even a steam rain shower that overlooks the east side.

If you want to get a kick after taking a bath or shower, you can step out onto the glass balcony in your bathrobe that is to say you’ve done it. Of course when you pay that much for a room for a single night. You’re not just paying for the room itself.

You’re also paying for the services. It comes with the TY Warner Penthouse offers guests a private elevator so you won’t have to schmooze with people below your pay grade.

You’re also provided with a private chauffeur that was available to drive you around the city in a Rolls Royce as often as you’d like between 8 am and 11 pm. This means if you’re a late party like myself, you might have to call yourself and do that.

I’m sure the dedicated Guest Relations Manager that you’re assigned for your state could help you figure out a ride home after a wild night in the city. So there you have it the most expensive hotel room in New York City.

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