The Most Expensive Home in North Carolina in 2021

The Most Expensive Home in North Carolina in 2021

North Carolina, I’ve spent a great deal of time in the Tar Heel State, I must say I’ve enjoyed every single day that from the winding breathtaking roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the sandy coastal beaches peppered with Swing seagrass.

I mean, this state has a lot to offer. And that’s precisely why I’m surprised I’ve never looked into buying a home in North Carolina. I mean, let’s face it, I may be more of a big city person, New York, London in Los Angeles, all my preferred places.

There are plenty of stunning opportunities and properties in North Carolina and they come at a reasonable price. In fact, the most expensive home for sale in North Carolina is less than the price of some condos in New York and it comes with waterfront property.

Most Expensive Home in North Carolina

Consider this my declaration that I believe we millionaires should start looking into buying property in the beautiful state of North Carolina. And perhaps we should start by looking at this home in Wrightsville Beach.

Today we’re going to take a look at the Most Expensive Home in North Carolina. We’ll discuss its location, its architecture, and of course its price tag.

Most Expensive Home in North Carolina 01
The Most Expensive Home in North Carolina in 2021

Wrightsville Beach Home at One Auditorium Circle.

I’ve spent quite a few vacations in Wrightsville Beach. It’s a beautiful community east of Wilmington. It’s home to a stunning sandy beach and peers that stretch out over the crystal clear what happened if you’re less of a traveler and more of a pop culture lover, you may recognize it from Dawson’s Creek.

That’s why it comes as no surprise to me that the most expensive home for sale in North Carolina is found in Wrightsville Beach with a price tag of $16.49 million. At one auditorium circle, you’ll find an 8622 square foot home.

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The Most Expensive Home in North Carolina in 2021

The construction began way back in 2016 on about a quarter-acre of land on the easternmost point of harbor Island which is nestled between the bank’s channel and the intercostal waterway Parker Construction Group.

The construction team behind the home focused intently on creating a home that could withstand a category five hurricane and reviewed what solid Wilmington look like after Hurricane flow back in 2018. It’s no wonder why creating a hurricane-proof home was a priority.

To do that Pargo construction used many terms of structural steel and over a million dollars worth of gloss and I must say the home looks incredible. Although I still don’t think I’d stick around if a Category Five was rolling its way through this small beach community.

Even though the home spends 8622 feet there are only four bedrooms and five bathrooms. This can partially be attributed to the fact that the architect Michael Ross Kersting wanted to focus on indoor-outdoor space privacy and recreation.

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The Most Expensive Home in North Carolina in 2021

The home is described as a Mid Atlantic Hawaiian modern-inspired home and boasts of the style known as tropical modernism. Evidently, tropical modernism is a style that began in Sri Lanka is quite a way away from coastal North Carolina.

The main elements of tropical modernism are seamlessness between indoor and outdoor living and a design that is made to blend into and complement the landscape without obstructing views or the natural environment.

On that note, I’d say this Wrightsville Beach home does a pretty incredible job. Perhaps the best example of indoor and outdoor living in the lap pool and can be found on the bottom level, the pool starts underneath the home in a cozy indoor area.

Light Wood covers the walls and a sitting area at the edge of the pool boasts a large stone fireplace and lounging area that is sure to take the chill out of the coastal breeze. On a sunny day. However, you can swim down the lap pool and find yourself outside overlooking the water.

Even if you’re not taking a dip out into the sunshine, the linear flow of the walls and ceiling ensures that your eye is drawn time and time again to the beautiful water sparkling just beyond the home Mac here you can also find a hot tub which must feel wonderful after a day of playing on the beach.

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The Most Expensive Home in North Carolina in 2021

The interior of the home is an open concept with floor-to-ceiling windows, they’d look out over the ocean downtown and the bridge that crosses the intercostal. In true tropical modernist fashion. The home utilizes wood and neutral tones and materials that look as though they are from the local environment.

In the open concept entertaining area, you’ll find a dining room a kitchen, and a large living room. The living room has yet another fireplace only this one may be one of the largest fireplaces I’ve ever seen the clean stonework extends to the ceiling creating a natural yet modern aesthetic that I find incredibly relaxing.

Behind the living area is the kitchen which features luxury appliances that blend rather perfectly into the countertop and the wall at the slate color of the backsplash which extends up to the ceiling gives the kitchen a nice separation from a living room and the dining room while also still allowing it to fit organically within this space in the far corner, a long dining room table allows dinner guests to look out over the water.

If you need a little help preparing those extensive seafood dinners. Well, don’t worry, there’s a butler’s pantry right off the kitchen after dinner, you can guide guests out onto the balcony that overlooks the water.

The glass and steel railing provides a barely their aesthetic allowing you to feel as though you can reach out and just touch the horizon in the center of the home and you’ll find the grand staircase a cozy sitting area on the upstairs walkway that continues the warm color theme that is found throughout the rest of the home and surfboard decor contributes to the tropical aesthetic without being overwhelming.

Beside this staircase. There is also a more modern seating area where guests can congregate as they arrive at the home. Upstairs you’ll find the bedrooms The master bedroom is simple, yet luxurious for a king-sized bed it faces a glass wall providing you with a gorgeous place to view the sunrise over the Atlantic there is an attached walk-in closet as well with plenty of space to store all your bathing suits on this floor.

Most Expensive Home in North Carolina 05
The Most Expensive Home in North Carolina in 2021

You’ll also find the bunkhouse-style bedroom which is the perfect place to put the kids when a family is visiting or the perfect place for drunk friends to crash after a wild night.

Speaking of Wild Nights, there is plenty of room to have them and plenty of rooms to recover from them in a shower. There is a spa area with a sauna right beside the pool to sweat out those toxins or just give your muscles a place to relax.

There’s also a gym near the sauna providing you with a place to work out while you catch the waves lapping the shoreline. Personally, I prefer just going for a stroll on the beach with a nice drink in hand. After all, I can always just do a couple of 100 curls with my whiskey glass.

Working out isn’t your speed or your card somewhere in the rainy weather there are plenty of places to curl up and watch a movie on the second floor. There are sophisticated media rooms with retractable blackout curtains and a projector.

There’s also this room with a tally which I haven’t quite figured out yet. There’s also a cozy fireplace room and the entry went in for guests relaxing there. Personally, I think this would be an ideal place to have coffee on a cold morning.

If you need to work from home at this house in Wrightsville Beach is just the spot the office space has more than enough room for both you and your partner. Hi, I can just imagine working in this cozy office and heading out to have my lunch on the balcony.

I mean It certainly beats any staff room at any office I’ve been at all maybe if you’re feeling really daring on your lunch break you can head down to the covered boat dock that comes with the home and set out on an afternoon sale after all you can’t really have a million-dollar home on the water without throwing in a dock.

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