The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

Ah, Nebraska absurdly named Cornhusker State home to endless swathes of farmers and farmland, the birthplace of Malcolm X, Marlon Brando, and Hilary Swank. But beyond all the agriculture sparsity in the unnecessarily artsy Alexander Payne movie, Nebraska has an expensive and opulence surprise.

Its most expensive property is one of the most spectacular homes that we’ve ever seen, and it’s priced at a hefty $3.9 million. Well, you may have assumed that this hefty home would be in the state’s capital city of Lincoln, the luxurious lodgings are actually in.

Omaha, Nebraska

It is the biggest city but dollars go further in Nebraska than they do in some of the United States’ more expensive states.  So this home is bigger, more luxurious, and more indulgent than its price tag might imply.

The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska 01
The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

If you’re a bargain hunter with nearly 4 million to spare, make your way to Nebraska and spend your possibly hard-earned but probably inherited bucks on this absurdly indulgent mansion. It’s even built in this style of a ranch. So maybe you can take up some farming if you get some off time.

I want to know what you’ll be spending your money on or strap yourself in and we’ll talk you through your potential new abode in most houses you get from one floor to another with stairs, or this house in an elevator ever felt like zooming vertically from your bedroom to the rest of the house?

The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

Well, now you can. But if you think that’s fancy, there’s way more to come to imagine you bought this home and you have a whole new life to look forward to is a snapshot of what your new existence could be like you get home from work, you’re tired and frustrated and want to relax. It’s been a hard day.

So you feel like sipping on a sweet, sweet alcoholic drink? Do you go to your fridge or crack open a beer? Or do you go to your liquor cabinet or to pour yourself a little something more exciting?

The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska 02
The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

Well, you do need that instead, you walk into your self-contained wine room an entire room designed for storing wine and an entire temperature-controlled room designed for storing wine with wooden racks and display sections.

It’s more like a wine store and a room in a home that the room even has a specifically lit area for making the bottles glisten, that when you install lice in your home just to make some glass look better from you know you’ve got some money to spare.

So you’ve got your wine, but your chill time isn’t over. Now it’s time for your evening entertainment. This house has a full bar so you could go there. But you don’t need another drink just yet. Maybe you go to your games room.

Instead, you decide to watch a movie you fire up Netflix on your launch screen TV, or do you want something live? Oh, you do? Neither because you have a 14 seat theater with a full-sized cinema screen. Oh yes, that’s right, your own personal theater room with plush red decor ceiling lights and fabric-lined walls.

The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska 03
The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

It looks like something you’d find in a real-life theater. I’m not sure what the wooden chair in the corner of the room is for but whoever sits in it won’t be seeing much of the movie and they won’t be sitting comfortably compared to the people that are looking at lamps for Shabbat and when your movie is over.

Maybe you feel like some exercise before bed. But don’t worry, you don’t need to go to the gym. You won’t even need to leave your home because in this house you have your own exercise room and we’re not sure what the exercise room quite looks like but judging by the other rooms in the house, it will probably be just as opulent.

Let’s take a look at the home’s more normal rooms and we’re using the word normal loosely here The kitchen has marvelous wooden panels. It has a marble countertop and marble floors.

It also has three chairs which all face the same way and whoever designed this house isn’t very good at chair placement I might say anyway if you think the kitchen is a lot of marble, I take a look at the top of the staircase on the home’s upper floor.

The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska 04
The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

It’s super shiny and it’s super sleek. This whole part of the home is like something out of a museum and the glassware in the cabinets is probably worth more than your car at home at the humbly named master suite is of course in-suite but that’s not all it also has a seating area and to walk-in closets.

The house has three other bedrooms as well for four bedrooms in total. But despite having only four bedrooms for home has seven bathrooms and if you lived here with six of your friends, all seven of you could potentially use them at the same time.

If that’s not the height of luxury, I don’t know what I’m speaking of logs fail says six fireplaces. Luckily there’s no one in the wine room as that might disrupt the temperature needed to store the wine properly of course but these fireplaces are important the home needs warmth and some of the building’s ceilings stretch up to 24 feet in height.

The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska 05
The Most Expensive Home In Nebraska in 2022

This is perfect if you have some friends that play in the NBA some of these ceilings are supported by columns or the home also has a large chandelier is lots more marble and huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

If you look out of those windows, you’ll see that the home surroundings surrounding the home are 4.17 acres of greenery and grass. It’s more than two soccer pitches of yard and garden but it’s not just a yard and garden home exterior also has a huge pool area and the poolside area has various chairs and sun lounges for you to sit back and relax.

This pool isn’t just any old pool. It’s an infinity pool. There’s nothing like the aesthetic of having infinite money within an infinity pool. The backyard also has a pond, a cooking area, and a gas fire pit with a gigantic outdoor area and an outrageously spacious interior.

This Nebraska place is a huge home with a huge price tag what you might not realize quite how big that price tag is. Let’s put some things into context in the entirety of Omaha, a city with a population of almost 500,000 People there are only five other homes valued at over 2.5 million.

This is one of only six homes in Omaha worth 2.5 million or more I bought this home isn’t even worth close to 2.5 million, it’s worth almost $4 million.

It was first placed on the market for a hefty fee of $3,999,000 part of the prestigious Linden estates neighborhood it’s by far the most expensive home in the area, and it’s by far the most expensive home in the whole city in Omaha.

The average family plays costs around $200,000 making this house almost 20 times the cost of your average Omaha resident listing agent Linda Carpenter, who valued the property claims that though the home has luxurious amenities, it is still very family-oriented and it is a spacious parent measuring in at just over 10,500 square feet with the average family home in the US measuring in at around 2500 square feet.

The inside of this place is more than four times the size of the average US family home MLS not to mention all the acres surrounding it the property was apparently placed on the market because the owners were retiring and no longer had any need for such a large home.

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