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The 4 People Who Inspire the Whole World

The 4 People Who Inspire the Whole World

Like most kids, there were a few people I wanted to be like growing up. For instance, I was absolutely convinced that I was spiderman. I would lay in my bed and try to get some spider web going; to catch different objects. It never worked, but I figured my time just hadn’t come yet.  

Did anyone else have a spider-man period in their life where any spider you’d see you’d just think, “Is this it…? Is this the one who’s going to turn me into… The person I was meant to become? But the person (or, well, fictional character, but in my world, she was as real as one could be) who I looked up to the most, was Hermione Granger.

Picture Source: Hermoine Granger

I. Hermione Granger

She was a smart girl. The first one to turn in school assignments. The first one to raise her hand in class. The one to come up with clever ideas and to help her friends out. She had a bit of sass and wittiness to her. I thought she was the coolest, and I still do. What is a role model? But, so, what does that even mean? What does it mean when we say someone is our role model? Is it just someone we admire? Someone, we think is cool from afar? Is it someone we want to be like? Well, as a kid, I guess it was all of the above.

In the case of Hermione, I liked her hair and I wanted her cool outfits. I also wanted to walk up to my teachers and hand in the assignment before everyone else and ace it. And don’t even get me started on the British accent. I still love a good British accent and, actually, when I read things out loud to myself, I often tend to do it in my attempt at a British accent. I know we have a lot of Brits on this channel, so feel free to rat how you think this is going for me.

But so, the way that having her as a role model manifested itself, was for example that I would picture her when studying, or when I was too shy to raise my glass in hand or to hold a presentation, and it gave me courage. How to choose (Who can be a role model?) Now, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve acquired more role models, and before we get into some of them, I do want to mention that my idea of what a role model is has changed over the years.

Years ago, when the topic of role models came up, I’d consider it a pretty loaded question. As the answer to that question would reveal a lot about a person. Like, have you ever been asked that question at a job interview? I have.

And you’re just sitting there thinking like, “ok, who is the most impressive person I can think of in this field?” Umm… Warren Buffet.

Picture Source: Warren Buffett

II. Warren Buffet

I don’t know, but have you also experienced that it can be perceived as a loaded question or not? Today, however, I don’t take it as “seriously”, and that’s not at all to say that those I view as role models aren’t impressive, but rather to relax the idea that a role model needs to be this perfect person who always says and does the right thing and who stands for all the best things at all times.

I just think it’s important to step back from that in times like this where it seems like the bar we set for some people is so high that it’s absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. It’s like we’re no longer expecting humans to be humans, with all their flaws, misjudgments, and mistakes. I personally don’t pick someone as a role model because they’re perfect, then I’d just go on Sims and create my own; I pick them because there’s something about them that I appreciate; something I’d like to understand and learn from; someone who has one or more qualities that I’d like to emulate; an influence that I’m welcoming into my life.

It may even be the case that I consider someone a role model because they’re an amazing speaker, even if I don’t even agree with most of the things they say. And so, I pick them with a bit of playfulness and openness in mind, but while also keeping my reasons for my decision clear. I do want to know why I believe looking up to this person is important to me, what exactly it is about them that I admire, and how I think incorporating some of that into my life will make it better somehow.

My role models (how to use them/what the point is) Alright, let’s introduce some of my role models. And as we go through them, I’m going to give you examples of how I actually “use” them. Basically, what do you do with a role model? Let’s say you’ve thought of a couple of people you like and admire and whose influence you’re welcoming into your life. Then what? What does the process look like? Do you keep up with them on social media? Try to copy all of their characteristics?

It’s whatever you want, obviously, but here are some of my examples: Hermione Granger We already covered Hermione Granger a bit. Some examples of how I would use her would be: when I sit down to read or to write, I like to imagine that Hermione-Granger-sitting-at-the-library-at-Hogwarts-energy, and I’ll sometimes put on some soundtracks from the films in the background, or on YouTube, where, if you search for something like, “Hogwarts Classroom”, you’ll get these really cool ambiance videos.

Sometimes, I’ll take it a step further. Like, If I’m working on something where I start to feel under-stimulated or bored, I’ll imagine that I’m working on something more exciting, like, ancient ruins. And it makes it more fun! If you haven’t read or seen Harry Potter you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Another example would be, let’s say I find myself procrastinating, I may think to myself: Would Hermione Granger procrastinate on this assignment? No, Ron! She wouldn’t! And look, this might sound silly or ridiculous (RIDICULOUS!) to some of you, which is fine by me. Do you want to know why?

Well, because the other role model I’d like to talk about is… Mr. Bean.

Picture Source: Mr. Bean

III. Mr. Bean

He’s innovative; a problem solver, even though his solutions are bizarre at times which is part of the comedy, but at least he puts in the effort! He’s not a quitter and I appreciate that! However, the reason I see him as a role model is that, to me, he is the epitome of creating joy even in the smallest, most mundane moments in life. Like the episode where he sent himself Christmas cards and then opened them in pure excitement. I love it!!

He takes on everyday tasks and events, such as going to the park or going swimming, and he makes it… unnecessarily difficult, sure, but fun! He turns it into an adventure! He enjoys his own company, and he enjoys cheering others up with his silliness too! Like the time he was on an airplane and this kid got sick, and Mr. Bean started making funny faces to try and make him laugh and get him on other thoughts.

So, as for how I use him, Mr. Bean reminds me that it’s okay to be absolutely silly at times and to be unapologetically yourself, and to lead with curiosity. He reminds me to enjoy the small things, to live in the moment, and to take ownership of my own happiness. So, when I find myself feeling ungrateful or unappreciative, or bored with everyday things, I may think: Would Mr. Bean find a way to turn this into something enjoyable? Yes, he probably would! Would he give up on finding a solution to this problem?

Most likely not! Now, does that mean that I automatically start to enjoy myself more every single time? No! But sometimes. And sometimes is better than no time. By the way, did you know that the whole Mr. Bean TV series was only 15 episodes? Learning that blew my mind! If you watched Mr. Bean growing up, please tell me I’m not the only one who thought it went on for at least 4-5 seasons.

Picture Source: Jordan Peterson

IV. Jordan Peterson

I very much agree with his teachings on the importance of taking personal responsibility and on getting yourself in order. It’s like… when I feel like I’m slipping when I feel like I need to get my shit together… It’s kind of like he’s always watching me, and I better not disappoint. I think me “Using” him as a role model is happening almost subconsciously at this point, given that I’ve driven pretty deep into his work, it has sort of helped shape my thinking and my actions in some ways.

To give a practical example: if I’m at a low of some sort; I may be feeling unmotivated, let’s say, I may think of something Jordan has said or written, or I may put on one of his lectures to remind myself of whatever it is that I need to be reminded of at that moment. I may also ask myself questions like: Would he pity himself in this situation, the way that I am? Would he stay in bed all day? How would he handle this? Kate Middleton Out of all the people on this list, Kate is probably the one I know the least about.

But, I do know that I like her poise, her elegance, her style, and the way she carries herself. I appreciate her philanthropic work, especially that it revolves around children’s organizations which is something I, myself, care about a lot. To me, she just screams quiet confidence. Like, I love these photos of her where she’s just laughing, it’s pure, it’s genuine. A lot of people wouldn’t want to get photographed laughing like this, but there she is and she looks absolutely lovely, graceful, and confident.

And those are all qualities that I admire. So, I may think of her for a variety of things. Everything from buying new clothes to dealing with conflict. If I find myself in an unpleasant situation, I may think, how would Kate handle this? Now, I obviously have no idea how she handles unpleasant situations in her life, but I’d like to think that she handles them with class and dignity!

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