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It’s Okay to Give Up and Let Go

It’s Okay to Give Up and Let Go

Never give up. Keep fighting. Follow your dreams. Hold on. We get bombarded with these messages on a daily basis, to the point where admitting that something didn’t work out for us feels like failure or weakness. I personally believe that admitting defeat requires much more strength than blindly holding on. Think about it. It’s not bravery that keeps us stuck in one spot.

So very often, our decision to keep going is actually driven by fear. We hold on to jobs we hate not because we want to make it work. It’s because we’re scared we won’t find anything else. We hold on to relationships that no longer serve us not because we’re fighters, trying to fix the mess. It’s because we’re scared we won’t find anyone else.

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If you’re not sure where you’re at right now, be honest about your desires and ask yourself a simple question: if I wasn’t letting my fear decide, what choice would I make? Of course, sometimes life is not that simple. You can’t just be reckless and leave your job to pursue your passion without a single penny in your pocket or leave a relationship if you have nowhere to go.

But you can at least admit that it’s time to move on and be proactive about it. Accepting defeat allows you to cut your losses. It allows you to start something new. Something potentially better.

I know it can feel like everything you’ve done up till now was pointless, especially if things didn’t work out according to plan. But as long as you’ve learned something valuable in the process, it was not a waste of time. So… Are you strong enough to give up?

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