5 Most Expensive Apartments in London in 2021

5 Most Expensive Apartments in London in 2021

London is a desirable city. It has decades of history miles of romantic cobblestone streets to explore hundreds of luxurious restaurants and more tea to drink than you could possibly imagine. Of course, because it has so much to offer living in London comes at quite a price.

Most Expensive Apartments in London:

London is home to some of the world’s most expensive apartments or flats if you’re a local today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive the most opulent and the most incredible apartments you can stay in London and see if they’re really worth the price.

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5 Most Expensive Apartments in London in 2021

05. Grosvenor House. $60,000 A Week.

Now the first apartment on our list is a bit cheap but hear me out the penthouse said Grosvenor Hotel is technically a hotel suite. However, the room is reserved for people who are staying for months and years at a time as residents that all being said staying here is a little more expensive than staying in an ordinary hotel.

It costs $60,000 a week to rent the penthouse and it’s one of the largest suites in London. The suite has five bedrooms, all of which are designed with modern touches and mainly touches of black marble, white, and slate grey.

Each of the bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom of course, which includes a soaking tub and a wet room with a rainfall shower.

There’s a study that is in an art deco style, and it even includes a baby grand piano if you feel like truly embracing London and pretending you’re in a James Bond movie, there aren’t gas fireplaces throughout the house to fight against those damp British nights.

On nice days, you can step out on the terrace which has to rent the views of Hyde Park but the room is only half of what you get for the price.

By renting out the penthouse you’re given your own personal butler, the newspaper of your choice delivered daily, and access to an Aston Martin and the driver of course there’s a group of specialists available to you including massage therapists, personal trainers, and chefs there’s also a toy box club where they will curate a box of toys specifically picked for your little ones.

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5 Most Expensive Apartments in London in 2021

No. 04. Carston House Terrace. 35 Million Pounds.

Carston House Terrace caused quite a stir when it went on the market a few years ago the luxurious penthouse was sold for 35 million pounds in some people think it’s worth every penny located in the prestigious St. James neighborhood in the heart of London.

The floor-to-ceiling windows and the penthouse give you undisturbed views of the London Eye and the Buckingham Palace. The Regency-style building was designed in the 19th century but has been updated with every new innovation.

The penthouse spans over two floors and includes four bedroom suites, three large reception rooms, and a massive terrace, the home is sleek with clean white walls and an open layout which makes it seem even larger than it already is.

There are several crystal chandeliers throughout the home and dozens of other touches that show you how opulent living can truly be the wall in the master bath is made entirely of God creating a truly unique experience.

The home has two chef’s kitchens so you never have to worry about not having enough space to cook for guests. Although it’s safe to say if you live here won’t have to worry about cooking at all.

The complex provides a 24-hour concierge service a private entrance and elevator to your home and 24-hour spa services available. In addition to the main home, there are three reserved parking spaces underground that are made for luxury cars.

There’s also a 2300 square foot area that is unfinished and can be designed to fit your needs. I don’t know about you but I put a little badminton court.

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5 Most Expensive Apartments in London in 2021

No. 03. Wellington Court Penthouse. 35 Million Pounds.

 if you have the money, chances are you want to live like a celebrity. So what’s better than snagging the former home of one of the biggest celebs in the business, Tom Cruise well for 35 million pounds you could have purchased the penthouse in Wellington Court. The six-bedroom penthouse extends over 10,000 square feet and it looks like something out of a magazine.

The entire home is designed with Black Oak Parquet floors and many of the rooms have mirrored ceilings because which folks can pretty much throw whatever they want into homes. Home has many incredible features including US Volsci Crystalline Bar.

There is a separate spa and massage room with massage therapists available 24/7 After getting a good massage, you can walk down to the full movie theater and relax with your favorite film. The impressive apartment has a full gym which is anything but subtle.

With bright red flooring and a reflective ceiling. It’d be hard to be lazy in this room. The bathrooms and bedrooms are both moderns featuring white marble and sleek black furniture. The penthouse also has a massive brick terrace lined with plants that offer stunning views of the city.

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5 Most Expensive Apartments in London in 2021

No. 02. South Bank Tower Penthouse. 90 Million Pounds.

South Bank Tower was redesigned in 2015 and hit the market with a bang. The apartments were all listed in the millions and one specific penthouse stood out when it was listed for 90 million pounds.

The apartment is actually a triplex with two roof terraces, which you’ll definitely want to take advantage of considering there on the 41st Storey with views of Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Houses of Parliament.

The home is open with high ceilings, sculptured staircases, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The bathrooms feature white marble with massive soaking terms that overlook the city creating a true spa experience right at your home.

Of course, you can also hire the Encore massage therapist if you really wanted all the living room has a massive art installation that doubles as a chandelier really contributing to the grandiose nature of the home. The building itself offers a 20 Meter Swimming Pool, a gym with personal trainers, business suites, and even a private cinema room.

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5 Most Expensive Apartments in London in 2021

No. 01. Hyde Park. 160 Million Pounds.

Finally, we’ve reached the most expensive apartment in London and you might want to buckle up because it’s quite impressive. A penthouse in one Hyde Park went on the market for 160 million pounds shattering records around the globe.

The 16,000 square foot duplex penthouse expands over two stories and has five spacious bedrooms the entire home is black, gray, and white. Creating a modern minimalist feel-based home is anything but minimalist.

The home has a 21-meter private pool, a cinema a pedicure room, a massage room, and a large library though the walls look fairly bad. Don’t let that fool you. All the televisions in the home are tracked into the walls and the furniture in the master bedroom.

For Example, there are two televisions one extending out of the foot of the bed giving you an incredibly comfortable place to watch TV after a long day, and the other TV pops out above the wall in the fireplace. All of the bathrooms are covered in black marble and have soaking tubs with steam showers and views of the city, of course.

I must say there are a few things more relaxing than soaking in a bubble bath and watching skyscrapers twinkle below you there is a chef’s kitchen and also a butler’s pantry that leaves to the staff wing ensuring that you won’t have to be alone cleaning or cooking in your massive home.

The luxury apartment building offers dozens of amenities that make this penthouse even more appealing. The complex has saunas and steam rooms and an ozone pool, a golf simulator a temperature-controlled wine cellar, a car cleaning service and if necessary panic rooms.

There’s no need to worry about security here either. The penthouse is coated in bulletproof glass and has a private entrance with 24/7 guards who are military trained so there you have it the most expensive apartments in London.

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