10 Easiest College Degrees in 2022 in the United States USA

Today we are going to be going over the top 10 Easiest College Degrees in 2022 in the United States USA. Now we are going to be basing this list on four different things.

10 Easiest College Degrees in 2022 in the United States USA

The first one is the hours that students have to spend studying. The second one is the average GPA that students have. The third one is the average IQ of students who go into different majors and then the fourth one is just my own subjective experience.

10. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Alright, so Number ten. On this list of very common degrees, I think a lot of people are going to be a little surprised that this one isn’t lowered on the list, but it is still relatively difficult compared to a lot of the other ones.

That is going to be Psychology is actually the most common Degree that people graduate with out of all the different degrees out there. And I can definitely see why it’s very interesting. I personally took extra classes in psychology, very interesting stuff.

So the average GPA for psychology students was about 3.3. And the average weekly study hours were only 13.5. That’s actually very low. To put that in context architecture, students study 22 hours a week on average.

Now there are plenty of big-brain people who go into psychology, it is one of those things that’s a little bit introspective. So there’s a lot of smart people out there that are attracted to it. And on top of that, there is a growing need for more and more mental health professionals out there.

I think a lot of people don’t realize that it’s very difficult, very difficult to get a job, never mind a good job with just a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. So if you decide to go this route, you need to make sure you are prepared to get a master’s or even in some cases, a doctorate.

09. Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Number nine is going to be business degrees, and specifically, I chose Bachelors in Business Administration. So business degrees, in general, don’t tend to be all that difficult. Just from personal experience, I lived in a scholarship hall with 50.

Guys, I’d say you know, a few of them, like maybe 10 of them or so were business majors. And they were just partying all the time, right, they were having a great time. Whereas the people who were engineering majors, health major science majors, etc. We’re studying a lot.

Now the average GPA for Business Administration majors is going to be 3.2. And the average weekly study hours are about 13.5. So again, very, very low. Now the great thing about business majors, they still have pretty good outcomes when it comes to your return on investment in college.

The numbers are actually pretty decent for business majors. So you know, a lot of times people will ask me, you know, I’m not really a classroom person, I’m not really a book person. I still want to get a college degree, but I’m really worried that it’s going to be too hard for me, and I’m going to have to drop out.

So what degree Should I look at, and business majors are the choice, they’re, you know, they’re pretty easy, but at the same time, they are, you know, they have pretty good statistics.

8. Bachelors in English

Number eight is going to be Bachelors in English. Now a lot of people probably expected this to be lower on the list as well like number five or number three. But funny enough, one of the most difficult classes I took during college was an English class.

The thing about English class and literature in general, is it tends to be extremely subjective. So you could write a great paper. But if the professor just doesn’t like it subjectively, they’re not going to give you a great grade. But with that being said, the average GPA here is about 3.2.

They study about 16 hours per week. Now also, I do think that there are a lot of big-brain people who tend to be attracted to English as well. Smart people tend to like to read books, and in some cases, even write them. But let’s be honest, a lot of the time people in college are going to BS a good amount of their papers.

They’re going to write them at the last moment. That is a skill in and of itself, to be honest with you because that can be really valuable later on in life. So yeah, I could see an argument for this one being higher on the list or maybe even off the list.

7. Individualized Degrees

Number seven on the list is going to be Individualized majors. There are some colleges out there that will basically let you create your own major. Now, this can be absolutely ridiculous. There are people who’ve created like YouTube Studies majors and stuff like that.

There are other people who have created video games, studies majors, and most of the time this is not going to be a good idea for many different reasons. But you could technically create an individualized major, that’s very difficult.

You could do theoretical physics and the study of quantum mechanics or something like that. And it could be even harder than a physics degree, right.

So that’s why I didn’t put it lower on the list, I could see some people thinking this might be the easiest one, but you could technically make it a lot harder. So that’s why I decided to put it at number seven.

6. Bachelors in Education B.Ed.

Number six on the list is going to be a Bachelor’s in Education Degree. And there’s actually a lot of different types of education degrees out there, the average GPA for this one was 3.6, which is very, very high. And the average weekly study hours were 14. So again, not very many study hours.

So yeah, education degrees, when you look at the statistics and stuff, are definitely one of the easier ones. And this is one of those degrees, wherein in my opinion, you should be able to graduate a lot earlier, right. So it really shouldn’t take you four years to finish your education degree.

If it does, there’s likely something wrong with the college, or maybe you’re going a little bit too slow. So for instance, there was one client I was working with where the college they were going to, it was almost impossible to finish their education degree in four years, it took them six years to finish it.

In that case, it definitely wasn’t the client’s fault, it was the college’s fault. So this college, obviously, I mean, I can’t say for sure. But if the person ends up going for six years, the college ends up making more money. So I think they were doing it on purpose. You really want to try to avoid colleges like that.

5. Degree in Liberal Arts

Number five on the list is going to be kind of more of a General Degree, this is going to be the first really, really general degree I talked about. That is going to be Liberal Arts. So liberal arts are a type of major, but there’s actually a specific degree, that is called liberal arts.

This is basically where you study a little bit of psychology, a little bit of sociology, some history, some English literature, etc. you basically just study a little bit of everything that falls under the umbrella term of liberal arts. So again, you’re basically a jack of all trades and a master of none.

It’s almost universally going to be interesting to study like a little bit of all kinds of different things like the 101 classes are designed to be really interesting to your average person, it’s almost like a marketing thing, you take the one on one class, you really like it. And so you delve a lot more deeply into it.

4. Degree’s in Gender Studies/ Jazz Studies

Number four, which is going to study, Degree’s in Gender Studies/ Jazz Studies, Canadian Studies, this is where you delve very deeply into an extremely niche topic. And most of the time, unfortunately, these studies degrees aren’t going to teach you any real-world skills that you can use to make money and get a job.

Now to be fair, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t very difficult, right. So these can be on the difficult side. In some cases, it kind of depends on the professor because it can be very subjective, but many of them are not going to be very hard.

They’re probably in something that you are very interested in in the first place. So that makes it even easier. But yeah, studies degrees, not that difficult, I would say you should probably avoid them like 99% of the time

3. Communications Degree

number three on the list is going to be Communications Degree. So there’s a bunch of different ones. But I chose public relations and advertisements, specifically, the average GPA is about 3.0. So that is on the lower side. But the average weekly study hours are 12. That is actually the lowest on the entire list.

Communications degrees in general are kind of known as the athlete’s degree, right? Somebody who knows that they’re going to be making you know, millions of dollars, if they go to the NBA, or the NFL, etc., they will take communications major because that allows them to easily keep their grades up.

They don’t have to put very much effort into it. And they can spend all of their time working out or getting better at whatever sport they’re doing. So yeah, communications, not very difficult.

2. General Studies Degree

Number two on the list is going to be General Degree, right. There’s literally a degree that’s called General Studies. But this applies to other types of degrees out there, where it’s basically just giving you kind of like a very surface level of a bunch of different things. So you know a little bit about a lot.

The whole purpose of becoming a professional at something or going to college to get educated is to get specialized skills specialists. Most of the time, if you look at nature, if you look at jobs, if you look at all kinds of different things, Specialists usually be generalists.

So for instance, specialists, doctors make way more than generalist doctors, if you look at nature, you know, animals that live in northern environments, for instance, usually they’re going to have very thick fur, they’re going to have very thick skin a lot of the time if they have hooves, they’re going to be very thick as well.

So they have specialized themselves to live in that environment. So this is basically just a law of the universe. It’s very important. If you want to do something if you want to get really good at something and get paid a lot for it. You should try to specialize as much as you can.

So general degrees, not very good. You’re just going to learn a tiny little bit about everything which is fun. I like looking at Wikipedia Like looking things up and learning about random stuff, but it’s not necessarily going to be difficult.

1. Recreation and Leisure Studies

And then the number one degree on this list was Recreation and Leisure Studies. So this one, when you looked at the average weekly study hours, it was actually less than 10. So they studied less than 10 hours per week and I mean, do I even need to explain this one?

Recreation and Leisure Studies it’s in the name so even when you are studying it’s like recreation so it’s like maybe you could study by watching Netflix or something or maybe you study by go playing Frisbee with your friends this is definitely got to be number one for the easiest degree out there.

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