07 Highest Paying Master’s Degree in 2022

The Highest Paying Master’s Degree in 2022, are going to be degrees that take around six years or so usually that’s how long it takes to get a Master’s. And they tend to be extremely high paying. And this is going to be the 2022 version, I haven’t really done this one before.

So I’m really going to get in-depth on each one. So from a financial perspective, Master’s Degrees do tend to be a relatively good choice. Sometimes they can even be better than Bachelor’s Degrees. And this is in terms of the amount of time it takes you to get a Master’s.

07 Highest Paying Master’s Degree in 2022

It’s usually going to be about six years versus four years for a bachelor’s, and then on top of that the amount of debt you’re going to incur. So we’re going to be getting into that and whether or not some of these degrees are worth it from a financial perspective.

So we’re going to start with the least profitable one and work our way up to the most profitable one. But all of them are relatively good.

7. Master’s in Mathematics and Statistics Degree

The first one on the list is going to be a math-related Master’s degree. So last year, about 10,000 people graduated with a Master’s in Mathematics and Statistics Degree, this is of course, according to NCS or the National Center of education statistics.

According to, the average mathematician makes around $90,000 a year now there are certain career paths other than mathematician that are even more profitable. For instance, if you got your Master’s in statistics, being a data scientist is one career path.

You could go down where you would make quite a bit more than 90,000 a year, with that being said, this is still a very high-paying option at 90,000 a year if you just get a mathematics degree.

6. Master’s in Biology

Number six is going to be a science-related Master’s degree. So in this particular case, we’re going to be talking about a biology degree a Master’s in Biology, which last year, about 3500 people received, and one career path you might go down as becoming a research scientist.

Which according to Glassdoor, they make about $97,000 a year now it might be a little bit difficult to become a research scientist with only a Master’s level degree, many positions might want you to have a Ph.D. So on average, it’s probably a little bit less than 97,000.

Also, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to land one of these positions. But with that being said, if you’re up for the challenge, if you’re okay, with getting a Master’s at least and likely a Ph.D., this can be a very high-paying option.

5. Physician Associate Degree

Number five is going to be a professional degree, which is becoming a Physician Associate Degree. Now 8500 People did graduate with this degree last year, this is actually one of my favorite careers, and one of my favorite degrees out of all the different options out there.

According to Glassdoor, they make about $101,000 a year as a physician assistant, you can prescribe, you can diagnose, you can treat, you can do a lot of the same things that a doctor would do, you do have to work under a doctor.

However, you don’t have to do the ridiculous amount of schooling that a doctor has to do and then residency on top of that. So if you’re somebody who does want to care for patients, but you don’t want to have to go through that absolutely ridiculous process, then you know, this can be a very good option for you.

4. Master’s in Computer Science Degree

Number four on the list is going to be a computer scientist at the Master’s level. So somebody who gets a Master’s in Computer Science Degree, and they get a Master’s in it. Last year, about 12,000 people graduated with a Master’s in Computer Science.

The average computer scientist in the United States makes about $106,000 a year, but it would likely be quite a bit more than that with a Master’s. So that’s all computer scientists, whether you got a bachelor’s, whether you’re self-taught, or whether you have a doctorate.

So chances are if you got a Master’s, you would be on the upper end of that. So yeah, computer science, one of the most valuable skills that you can learn, and then you’ll probably end up working in the technology industry, which is likely the best industry that you can work in.

3. Master’s Degree in Any Specialization

Number three on our list is for those who want to be college professors. So this would be a college professor who has a Master’s, so with just a Master’s, you will probably only be able to work as a college professor at a community college. And it might even be hard for you to do that.

 A lot of them are requiring PhDs now as well. So your options are going to be somewhat limited. Glass Door has college professors making $114,000 a year and you’d be making on the lower side. So because of the fact that you have a Master’s and most college professors have a Ph.D., you would be on the lower side.

But yeah, college professors make really good money, not the easiest thing in the world to become a college professor lots of competition, especially depending on which degree you graduate with.

Ironically, the degrees where you have the best chance of becoming a college professor are also the degrees where it’s very easy for you to get a job because if it’s hard to get a job, then many people will try to become a college professor. If it’s easy to get a job, there’s not nearly as much competition.

2. Master’s Degree in Data Science

Number two on the list is going to be a Master’s Degree in Data Science. And there are several different ways that you can get there one of the newest and hottest Careers Out There. One way that you would become a data scientist would be getting a Master’s in statistics.

Depending on the way you look at data scientist, you can either think of them as a statistician who knows how to program or you can think of them as a programmer who really knows their stuff when it comes to statistics.

But either way, last year 3100 people graduated with a Master’s in statistics and according to Glassdoor, the average data scientist makes about $117,000 a year.

1. Master’s Degree in Nursing/ MBBS

Number one on the list is going to be a nurse practitioner and there are several different ways that you can do this one as well. Last year, about 28,000 people total graduated with one of these degrees but yeah, nurse practitioners make about $121,000. On average, the super good career of kind of similar to PA you can prescribe.

You can diagnose you can treat you don’t have to be under the supervision of a doctor, you are somewhat limited in what you can prescribe but yeah, really good money, also a ton of demand. So chances are it’s going to be good for many years into the future.

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