05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth and for good reason. Hawaii offers the escape that so many people longed for and environments that people dream their whole lives about. However, dreams don’t always come cheap and in Hawaii, they definitely don’t.

Today we’re going to take a look at the five Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Hawaii.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 01
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

No. 5: 69-1025. Poway Camber Well. $18.9 Million.

Now imagine waking up every single morning to a view like this. You could sip your morning coffee with your feet in a heated pool while watching the sunrise over Maui. Wow. For $18.9 million. You could 6910 25 per hour away in Camber Well LA is listed for $18.9 million.

That isn’t just the view that’s earned its high price tag. This four-bedroom four bath home is 5600 square feet of luxury. The Home comes with seven flat-screen televisions an indoor-outdoor music system custom-crafted granite countertops and a minimalist modern design throughout the home.

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05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

Of course, the exterior of the home is where it really shines. There are 300 feet of ocean frontage that can be reached by taking a private path down to the white sand beaches.

After a day of snorkeling surfing and sunbathing mere feet from your home you can take the path back and relax by your pool very heated infinity pool offers the opportunity to swim and you just aren’t feeling saltwater.

Of course, the area is perfectly curated to host incredible parties with a built-in fire pit hot tub and a large bar with a grill. Even better. The bar comes with a tap so you can serve up yourself or your guests whatever their heart’s desire.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 02
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

No. 4: 72-160 Kumukehu St Kailau-Kona $19.9 Million.

When you visit Hawaii on vacation, nine times out of 10 You’re staying at a resort and with all-inclusive drinks crazy friendly staff endless rounds of golf. Truly, it’s the way to go.

There’s nothing like being catered to from the second you land until the second you leave at 72-160 Kumukehu ST Kailua-Kona’s sweet that resort feeling never ends listed for $19.9 million. This home is located in who our ally resort and comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly imagine.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 07
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

For starters, you can look out onto the ocean from your stunning infinity ball or turn your head to see a full golf course or the final hole of the PGA champion takes place. This is a home for someone who loves golf because the owner of the home will certainly be seeing a lot of it during their stay here.

The Home comes with a gourmet kitchen which would hardly be used considering the multitude of five-star restaurants located directly in the resort. Last time I was there. I had the most incredible Gold Flake unit with Well, sorry, I’m just making myself hungry here.

Anyways, the home prides itself on bringing the outdoors in with several floor-to-ceiling glass windows, retractable walls, and sliding doors. Have you ever taken a bath right next to your outdoor shower with the ocean breeze rolling in? I’d highly recommend it.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 03
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

No. 3: 72-3168 Makani Eka Place, Kailua Kona. $20.7 Million.

when a lot of people imagine a mansion in Hawaii. They imagine driving down a winding rainforest path to reach a warm, elegant beachside escape. Basically, they imagine 72-3168 Makani EKA Place, Kailua Kona listed for $20.7 million.

This home offers that wild escape that so many people are looking for, of course, not so wild that it doesn’t have a hot tub and infinity ball.

The five-bedroom six-bath home has airy, open living spaces with touches of locally sourced wood and gemstones the vaulted ceilings give every room a master bedroom feels however, this home comes with a lot of firsts on our list some good and some bad if you’re looking for a guest house.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 08
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

The home comes complete with a three-bedroom Ohana Cottage This is Hawaii after all. On the negative side of things. The home doesn’t come with direct beach access. The beach can be reached by a short golf cart ride or a long walk whichever tickles your fancy.

The home also offers an option for the buyer to purchase the home fully furnished so if bathtub sculptures like this are your speed, you might want to get your checkbook ready.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 04
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

No. 2: 69-2014 Nani Paniau Place Kamuela. $22.9 Million.

69-2014 Nani Paniau Place Kamuela in the Commonwealth isn’t just a home. It’s a compound set on 7.45 acres. This property includes stunning seven bedrooms and a seven-and-a-half-bathroom house.

The Home comes with an impeccably landscaped yard, a full theater, a billiards room, an indoor and outdoor bar, and a full outdoor kitchen and dining area. Of course, the home comes with oceanfront views from its Pool and Spa. But the property comes with much more than just luxury amenities.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 09
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

It comes with the opportunity the property is zoned to accommodate another nine homes all the parcels of land surrounding sell with the main house meaning this property could truly become your own private resort. The possibilities are truly endless.

The property is lined with mature coconut trees, lush vegetation, and is also home to several archaeological sites and manmade horns.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 05
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

NO. 1: 78-107A Holua Road. $52.5 Million.

We’ve finally reached the most expensive home for sale in Hawaii and it’s listed for a whopping $52.5 million. Can someone hand me a palm frond so I can find myself please 78-107A Holua Road isn’t just a home or a property?

It’s a village originally owned by the Royal trust the village known as Haiku, a village is now going to be sold for the first time in history, the $52 million price tag might make a little more sense once we take a closer look at how truly incredible this home really is set on a peninsula haiku a village of is 752 feet of ocean frontage with remarkable views of the Pacific Ocean from all sides.

Because the village prides itself on privacy and anonymity the road to access the property is entirely hidden in the home was built in secrecy over a 10-year span. Once you really take a look at the property.

Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii 10
05 Most Expensive Home for Sale in Hawaii in 2021-22

It’s no surprise that the home has been built, lived in, and will now be sold in a confidential manner off the cliffs in front of your homes you will frequently see humpback whales raising their calves just picture sitting in your own private village on a hammock in the warm sun watching a family of whales raise their yarn. Absolutely incredible!

The houses themselves are shrouded in mystery. However, there are a few elements that are public knowledge there is a main home in the center of the poverty with six additional homes spread out behind it.

Each of the homes is thematically connected and were created by the same designer they feature gorgeous open-air patios, hand-carved banisters, and built-in copper ceiling murals, and stunning infinity pools some even jet out over the cliffside offering a beautiful opportunity to soak in the hot tub while listening to the ocean waves.

I have to say after seeing this property, I’m going to call some business partners myself and see if they might be interested in making a little investment.

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