04 Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon in 2022

04 Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon in 2022

Amazon is the place where you can buy everything from flatulence filtering underwear to Nicolas Cage sequin pillows to diamond rings, and some of the most expensive watches known to man, all while contributing to the wealth of the richest person on earth. Really, you can find anything you want on Amazon.

That’s because, since 2000, Amazon has been selling items that are listed by third-party sellers, which includes individuals, small family-owned companies, and big retailers like Target or Walmart, all businesses have to do is ship their items to an Amazon warehouse, where those items are then stored, packaged and delivered by Amazon workers to customer’s doors record time.

While I’ve bought my fair share of 500,000, $5,000 items off Amazon, I generally prefer to buy my more expensive items from elsewhere, and being said Amazon is full of hugely expensive items that I’d be a bit shocked to see arrive in any Amazon Prime box.

04 Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon in 2022:

That’s why today we’re going to take a look at some of the most expensive items money can buy on Amazon. We’ll see why they cost so much who’s selling them and even what some customers think of the items and that being said for the sake of transparency you should know whatever only included items that are actually fulfilled by Amazon, not items that are listed on Amazon but need to be bought on a third party website.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

No. 01. The Most Expensive Tiny Home

When most people are looking for a home they’ll contact relatives or maybe browse some home-buying sites but why do they act when you can pop on Amazon and buy the tiny house of your dreams for $64,650.

Well, the frame of the tiny house of your dreams that is the old wood Eagle VISTA 1376 Square ft. cabin kit is the most expensive tiny home that you can buy on Amazon and I must admit if I wasn’t the mentioned man that I already am, this home might actually be a reasonable option.

It features two floors a lower floor containing a 107 square foot office 91 square foot kitchen 231 square foot living in the dining room as well as a bathroom area that’s around 100 square feet and the seating area as well.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

That’s about 160 square feet Upstairs you’ll find two bedrooms are 240 square foot master bedroom which is a bit too small to be called a master if you ask me and a 155 square foot bedroom as well as also two offices and a half bath.

That being said the furniture appliances and fixings are all up to you to buy the kit comes with Nordic spruce wall planks, the roof, and the floorboards as well as the door’s windows screws, and nails. However, it does not come with insulation, electrical plumbing all the foundation so there’s still a way to go with all this home is truly a house but don’t fret it does come with free shipping.

However, I wouldn’t expect it to roll up in a standard blue tape box if I were you so people like the tiny home, well they’re totally legitimate, and not at all humorous reviews are eight and they are all fairly positive.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

No. 02. The Most Expensive Chandelier

When you want your home to look expensive and luxurious.  In my experience, there is nothing better than buying a chandelier when it comes to fancy lighting. Maida Tiffany is the company to buy from and surprisingly you can buy meter Tiffany on Amazon but more importantly, you can buy making Tiffany’s most expensive chandelier which is also the most expensive chandelier on Amazon for a whopping $92,650.

If you plan on ordering this beast of a chandelier make sure you have someone around who is able to do some heavy lifting because eight weighs 320 pounds. A chandelier has space for 24 light bulbs to make your home sparkle and shine.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

The light bulbs don’t come with a nearly $100,000 Chandelier so don’t forget to pick some up before you place your order. The light comes from Maida Tiffany’s Marquee’s collection in Fiji has 15 layers of tiered polished glass rods which give the illusion that the chandelier is made up of dozens of sparkling crystals. And as for the size of the chandelier, well that’s up to you.

The height can be adjusted to anywhere between 89 and 156 inches, depending on your preference. Again, they’re totally legitimate, and not at all humorous reviews are in however, they’re a bit mixed for this pricey chandelier. Some say it’s not worth it while others have a bit to say about the fragrance of the piece.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

No. 03. The Most Expensive Watch

If you haven’t been able to tell from my other posts, I’m a fairly big fan of Wristwear but in all my years of collecting watches, I can confidently say I’ve never ordered one off of Amazon even though the most expensive watch they sell is in atomized forget Jules Audemars Repetition minutes to be on and though these watches are actually pre-owned.

It’ll still cost you a startling $192,500 That being said you’re getting quite a piece of jewelry Read price. It’s a manual wind watch with a 40-millimeter case which is fairly standard what size however the case is made of 18 Karat white gold.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

The water itself clamps around your wrist with a Deployment Buckle made of white gold on a leather band. The watch features a silver diamond, diamond, and diamond bezel and the silver and gold movement is visible throughout the watch and can be seen working its magic from the front or the back.

So if you want to join the likes of Tom Cruise, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Harry Styles who all sports auto MPG watches, you can drop nearly 200 grand and scoop up the bad boy.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

No 04. The Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia

As a boy, I loved collecting baseball cards. There was nothing more exciting than running to the courtyard at my private school and swapping cards with the other kids trying to get the ones that were missing from my personal collection.

There is one card I was never able to get one card that is so elusive to collectors that it is often rented is one of the most valuable cards in the world.

Shockingly, even the most elusive things can be found on Amazon the T 206. Christy Mathewson baseball card is currently for sale on Amazon for the low low low price of $409,422. That’s right for the price of a really nice house.

You can scoop up this card printed between 1909 In 1911 there were more than 2000 different combinations of cards and the T 206, white border baseball set. There were iterations of several different players over the years and some players had cards with different poses.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy on Amazon

The back of the card featured a tobacco advertisement with 16 Different brands featured on the cards over the three-year period and Christy Mathewson had three poses including this one, in my opinion, this card is the best looking out of the three there’s just something about the look on his face and the color on the background.

That makes it especially appealing these colors is a PSA 8.5 rating and the listing states that it is the highest-rated T 206 Christy Mathewson card in existence, and indeed the card certainly doesn’t look it’s ah, it’s hard to believe it’s more than 100 years old.

The back of the card features an advertisement for Piedmont in blue ink, which has also withstood the test of time in a rather remarkable way. Christy Mathewson was Major League Baseball’s first real celebrated pitcher he pitched an incredible 17 seasons for the New York Giants.

So getting the card may be tempting, but make sure you’ve got at least half a million in your bank account before you buy it or you might end up like sea speedy then again, at least you have the free shipping included. So there you have it a look at some of the most expensive items available on Amazon.

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